Make a reservation

What should I do if the booking confirmation is incorrect?

Contact our customer service. This can be done by e-mail ( or by telephone: +31(0) 23 844 77 77.

What do I have to do if I want to change my booking after I have received a booking confirmation?

Contact our customer service. This can be done by e-mail ( or by telephone: +31(0) 23 844 77 77.

Can I bring pets?

Yes, this is allowed, provided you mention this during your booking.

Can I pick someone up by taxi?

Yes that is possible. You can leave together from 1 address or the driver picks up your traveling companion from a different address. You can specify this address by contacting customer service. They place the extra address in the system and calculate the (possible) extra costs for you.

The journey

If I miss my flight due to a delay during the trip, can I recover my damage at Taxi Airport Books?

No, this is not possible. See also article 8.1 of the general terms and conditions.

Does Taxi Airport offer child seats when this is necessary for underage passengers?

No, we do not facilitate child seats. Travelers can of course bring their own child seats, but we do not offer storage space for this. Taxis are covered by public transport law and child seats are therefore not mandatory. You can take your baby on your lap.

What if I am in a traffic jam and miss my flight?
Taxi Airport Boeken uses an optimal route system and planning. This means that, just before the trip, it will be checked whether there is a traffic jam on the route. In this way we try to travel as efficiently as possible. We are not responsible for collecting your flight, see also the General Conditions.

When I arrive at Schiphol, how do I know where my taxi is?

After you have landed, you must contact Airport Traffic Control directly. There they will indicate that the driver is waiting for you in Departure Hall 3A.


How can I cancel my booking?

You will receive a booking confirmation from us in your mailbox. In this booking overview you can also use a cancellation.

Will I get my money back if I cancel my booking?

In order to qualify for a refund, you must announce the cancellation in writing (this can also be done by telephone or e-mail) and at the latest 2 hours before the day of commencement of the transport.


Within 7 days the rate will be refunded with deduction of 10% of the ticket price. A minimum of € 15.00 applies.

Prices and payment

Are the prices per person listed?
The price per booking is the total price for the entire group as stated in the booking.
What should I do if the payment has failed?

Please contact our helpdesk.

Do I receive an invoice for the payment?

The booking overview also serves as invoicing.

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